Design Build Process

What is Design Build and why is it important?

Design Build is a service we are proud of and our customers truly appreciate. It allows us to walk you through the remodel process from start to finish in a collaborative effort to design and build the space of your dreams.

Our team made up of an architect, engineer and experienced contractor will help you to design your space with cost efficiency and budget in mind from the start.  Traditionally, a client hires an architect to design the remodel and then sends plans out for bidding to a few contractors. Unfortunately, not all architects have experience and knowledge of building costs. It is often we see disappointed clients because all bids came in over budget and they must redesign or abandon. Since all of the building professionals work together as a team from initial design forward, there is inherently more efficiency and less likelihood of miscommunication between stages and team members.

3D Design Software

New Beginnings brings even more than a team of professionals to guide your project. We have special 3D design software that we use to help you envision the finished project.

With this software, we are able to design and build your space so you can envision exactly what the finished product will look like – before we begin. You will be able to see the space with finishings. This has become an important part of our design process. We are able to save countless hours and a great deal of money because there are few surprises.